Sri Lanka faced the open and successfully completed Local Authority Election-2018  (hereinafter referred as LAE-2018) on 10th February 2018. Aftermath of this election the citizens of Sri Lanka are being earnestly waited to know what will happen? and do their conviction by universal franchise will bring the new light to them?

Generally this Local Authority Election when it compare to presidential and parliamentary election does not treat an important or impact impose election. Always this election is used as tool or measurement as a checking mechanism of vote-banking by political parties.

Nevertheless, in this time the 2018 Local Authority Election shall not deem under aforesaid standing of four corners. Because the current election get in to new dimension, shows so many lessons and raises the question with regard political approach and its political culture.

When savvy about the overall picture of LAE-2018, Unlike previous LAE, it can be noticed that full-fledged engagement of the all parties and independence group in to the election. Because all the parties and groups took this election in serious manner in order to show their stability in politics.

On the one hand Southern election atmosphere get in to fire with the arrival of new party(SLPP) as competitive to other national parties (UNP,SLFP,JVP) set-up by the former president of this country. Therefore heavy battle existed among those parties at the political rally.

On the other hand in Northern-Eastern election situation also reflect perplex condition because of the split among the major Tamil party. Finally election forefront arranged betwixt ITAK, ACTC(AITK), TULF, EPDP and miscellaneous parties and groups along with national parties too.

It worthy to point out that LAE-2018 voter-turnout averagely touch the 70% of vote-turnover island widely and less numbers of election violations reported on the same day of election.


The election results show that SLPP heading for poll victory and garnered sweeping and landslide victory in Southern. This endemic victory has not been realized in the earliest period of launching the new party, however soon after it has been gradually realized and it proved at the end the of the election by majority community people verdict.

This matter can not be ignored simply. Because the deepest concern is needed to know the reason/s behind the massive victory of SLPP. Think about, Blue regime was sent off to their home by the 2015 election change. Then it started to speak about raising of Good Governance.

Nonetheless, within three years it again shinning in new dimension through the enrollment and placed the new step by the LAE-2018.

First of all salute to the majority community people verdict. It apposite to further discuss, despite so called Good Governance being ruling and on the process of dash out the corruption the victory of the flower bud want to be gazed on the basis of idealism and conceptualization in lines with people verdict.

It shows that the people of majority community stand on or started to follow the Sinhala nationalism, war triumphalism and shadow or delusion of war hero once again.
The majority community people votes cumulated and centralized to SLPP, and the espoused deliverance to SLPP send the message to Sri Lanka as well international community; they are united and ready to repose the Sinhala nationalism and majoritarianism, and its escalation.

There is no single drop of skeptical that the “ Flower Budism”( to interpret as the idealism of Flower Bud party) is on process of getting the sway and will pressurize in the upcoming national election.


From the outset of this election, the Tamil people gradually realized something is going to happen among Tamil political parties. Because, that much of inter-hostilities and crack occurred among the parties as well as within the party.(TNA)

This is the steadfast and routine tendency of the Tamil people and its political, namely always focus on idealism with reference to durable solution to the National Ethnic Problem

It is well evidenced from the previous elections, Tamil people apparently support the party or make them representative which party encompasses the idea in respect of their claiming of self determination or durable solution to ethnic problem.

Whatever elections come and past, Tamil people keen to stress their view upon that election and the party(Trustee) who get the mandate from the people(Beneficiary) act on the follow up the mandate.

Albeit, in this LAE-2018, Tamil political scenario subjected to deflection. Because, it has not seen before, in this time Tamil people votes dramatically scattered to parties including Tamil and national parties which do not have any conducive solution to their claims.

This deviation reflect upon the partly collapse vote-banking of TNA. It delineate by this election that there is the erosion of garnered vote to the TNA.

Indeed, this turning point based on the partly erosion of TNA pose two major substantial questions which have to be tested: The first thing, whether the people mindset slightly shifted to the development and livelihood side? The second Thing whether the TNA fail to met their mandate due to the recent activities or TNA have a walk on its own path, That’s why the people show the lesson to them?

At contemporaneous situation based on the election results, no Tamil party/ies claim the monopoly or sole representative of the Tamil people.

It can not say that the people who voted to other Tamil political Party/ies other than TNA, those political party/ies have the permanent idealism or conceptualization regarding national ethnic problem. The cast vote might held due to the recent time factors attractions.

When trace back the manifesto and policy of Tamil political parties other than TNA it can be right to pointed out there is shifting perspective existed time to time. If it is focus on ACTC party, it does not have the permanent idealism. The reason for that, once it sought the “One State Two Nations” propaganda, subsequently rejected the Provincial Council system, Now willingness to participate in the upcoming Northern Provincial Council election and claiming the sole ownership over the constant advocacy of federalism.

Nonetheless by this election Tamil people partly repose over that party but not entirely and does not recognize that the party is sole representative of Tamil people.

Now, Tamil people be in the delicacy, political impasse and political polarized situation. So this is the suitable time to waited person(natural/artificial)- it includes individual/community/ institution, for this moment to use this opportunity to gain benefit or do their agenda.

Hence, it noteworthy to figure out that it is emblematic of another initial point to the consensus of “Tamil Allegiance” scattered here and there due to multiple factors.

Thereby pursuing the consequences of this election there is the “Threshold” ( need to attained some level ) position raised based on the benefit to Tamil society as whole.


Therefore, this is the prompt time to think collectively and integrate all Tamil parties regardless of disparity for the utmost benefit of the Tamil people who believe them own people, they will bring the durable and viable solution for their long lasting claim in the absence of their strong pillars.

On the other hand, once again “Flower Budism” ( to interpret as the idealism of Flower Bud party) is wave in the southern and it begins to put forth buds. So that situation emanates the endanger to the durable solution. Thereby in one sense it need to deflower and deterrent. On the other sense it need to take proper action and be vigilant to not to affect the conducive durable solution to the ethnic problem.

Eventually, there is the action is needed to the bright prosperous long living of Tamil Society in determination way not in superficial. Let it bring soon and show the quid pro quo to the hindrances by being united.


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